Never miss an opportunity for a second sale!

Provide instant offers, contests, social media and email capture, and loyalty perks to lift incremental sales and order size right at the point-of-sale.

80% of consumers read their store receipts, and 80% of transactions happen in-store. inStream is the expert to help you convert that second sale with instant coupons, drive to eCommerce and mobile, or capture more customers via social media.

  • Full graphic capability on the front of your receipts, personalized by customer-specific purchase/affinity data.
  • Targeted offers based on current purchased items, basket size, day part, store location, loyalty data and more.
  • Geo-Target specific stores or regions to promote weekly ads to offer local values and a more personalized experience.
  • Engage consumers and drive CRM with POS on-receipt marketing: sweepstakes, surveys, social media campaigns, loyalty programs, and other interactive offers where consumer feedback is encouraged and/or rewarded.
  • Build your email database with mobile SMS marketing opt-in messages connected to fun incentives or participation rewards.
  • Notify customers of upcoming sales, events, new products or services, or link to your website
  • Track consumer movement between channels to determine channel preferences for future targeting and marketing analysis.